Home Town Self Storage is a National Network of Storage Depots offering high levels of consistent service and fair prices across the UK.

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Home Town self stores can help you free up space by storing excess stock and equipment in any of our storage centres across the UK. It also allows you to alter your stock levels as you please, by simply increasing or decreasing the number of storage units.

Our drive-up units allow customers to just park next to their units and treat them as an extra room to their office or home. With unlimited free access within opening hours, and no minimum length contract, Home Town Stock Storage is the most simple and secure option for allowing your business to grow.

We also specialise in Mobile Storage solutions for getting your stock or equipment to and from your premises without any hassle.

Home Town Stock Storage Top Tip

Box up any loose items and label them so that everything is organised as this will save you time when you need to collect stock in a hurry from our store. Packaging materials can be provided by simply contacting your local storage centre.

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