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House Sizes

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House Sizes

Here at Home Town Self Store we know how challenging it can be to determine how much you have to go into storage. This table can be used to give an indication on the amount of space you are likely to need.

Number of bedrooms Lightly Furnished Heavily Furnished
1 30 Square Feet 80 Square Feet
2 80 Square Feet 100 Square Feet
3 100 Square Feet 150 Square Feet
4 150 Square Feet 180 Square Feet
5 180 Square Feet 230 Square Feet
6 230 Square Feet 280 Square Feet

The amount of storage you may need could vary; this guide should only be used as a simple indication of how much self storage space you might need.

Home Town Size Estimation Top Tip

Always estimate slightly more than the actual size as all of your items will not stack exactly into a storage unit without gaps. Remember, with Your Town, you only pay for the amount of storage you use, so if you reserve more units and you don’t fill them, you simply don’t pay for them!

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