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Can I store anything ?

You can put most things into self storage but we would not recommend anything that is flammable, explosive or perishable. Subject to which unit you select, size and weight of most general household items will not be an issue; but if unsure please call us.

How long can items be store for ?

Storage can be for just a few days (although there is a two week minimum charge) to as long as you want. Some customers find the units work so well that they sign up for annual contracts to get great discounts.

How do I secure my unit ?

You can provide your own padlock or purchase one from our packing material shop.

Can I have access 247 to my goods once they are in storage ?

Most people initially think that they will need a lot of access to their goods once they are in store, but the reality is that once the goods are safely in, that they often require little or no access at all. 24 hours storage is offered to some but not all our customers so please check with us so that we can ensure that we can try and meet your requirements if this is an important factor to you.

Who can access my unit ?

Only yourself and any nominated persons that you determine will be able to access the unit unless the storage contract is not fulfilled. Anyone else will be turned away if you have not signed for them to enter the unit. You will be asked to name alternative key holders when you complete your initial paperwork.

What size unit will I need ?

We have trained staff that can help calculate the volume of items that you are looking to place in store. Simply provide us with a list over the phone or by email if possible and we will work out what you need.

Can you arrange collection ?

Helping you with the removal from your home is easy for us to do. We have a range of contacts from local hire van, mobile storage and removal companies who can all be relied upon to turn up and collect your goods when you need this to happen. Just ask and we can get you the relevant numbers.

Do you sell removal boxes ?

We stock a wide range of strong boxes that are ideal for what you need. These are commonly known as Small, Large, Long and Tall and are all double walled for extra strength. Along with this we can also supply tape, bubble wrap and packing paper.

What will I need to pay up front ?

You will normally be expected to pay a deposit and then the storage fee to the end of the month or if the items come at the end of the current month, then you will be invoiced to the end of the following month.

I have a large sofa, will this fit into the unit ?

we have units that will take large sofas and we also have areas of dedicated sofa racking that will prevent pressure marks. You may find these are more suitable for you sofa.

Can I use my own boxes and bags ?

Yes you can use basically anything you have so long as it is strong enough to hold the contents. So boxes, tote bags, suitcases, plastic crates, holdalls, bin bags are all great to use.

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