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Home Town self storage doesn’t just give you the space to store your keepsakes; it also provides you with the opportunity to de-clutter your living area. We’re all guilty of holding onto old items for sentimental reasons, or for the time when you ‘might need it one day’. This is where Home Town self store can step in and help you organise or de-clutter your home to make space for your essentials!

It is often the case that items that seem like these essentials are quite usually not, so take time considering what you do actually use on a daily basis and clear out the rest… whether that is into storage, to a car boot sale or your local charity shop. The key to this though, is just to start! Try and set aside a few hours a week and work your way from room to room, clearing out items that you might no longer need. Separate items into bags or boxes in one temporary storage room depending on what you’re going to do with them. Then once you’re done, get rid of the rubbish, sell the things that you don’t want but are worth something and then consider putting the remainder into any of our different sizes storage units.

Benefits of de-cluttering:

  • Less stress trying to find your essential things… How many times have you lost your car keys under an item that you don’t actually need?
  • More space for items you actually want… Your clutter may be taking up space that could be much better used.
  • Less cleaning to do… Fewer items creates less objects that need cleaning or repairing.
  • And overall… a more relaxing home.
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