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Moving Overseas Storage

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Moving Overseas Storage

Home Town Moving Overseas Storage

Home Town Self Store also offers long-term storage for customers who are looking to store their goods while they move or travel abroad.

Many of our storage centres will offer special offers for those looking to book long-term storage up front so contact your local store today for further details. These offers will generally get better as the length of the storage period increases.
Home Town Self Store can also arrange fixed-term storage solutions were you can’t access your goods like a normal self-storage service; therefore creating a much cheaper option.

Home Town Storage Key Tip For Moving Overseas

Preparing yourself for a move overseas can be a stressful procedure, so try and reduce this by preparing early with a simple checklist of things to do and choosing a fixed-term storage solution.

We also recommend Britannia Movers International for any overseas shipping or removals, who can be contacted on: 0800 622 535.

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