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Student Storage

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Student Storage

Save the hassle of moving everything home for the holidays and then dragging it all back again by storing your items safely with us. Our Home Town self store centres have been storing effects for students from UK Universities for many years. Typically this is busiest over the summer with most items coming into store towards the end of the third term.

Stress Free and Adaptable

If you need cost effective and secure storage for the holidays then you need look no further than your local Home Town student storage centre. All of our stores offer hassle free cheap student storage to university areas. We also know how busy your final term can be, therefore we offer self storage up to the last minute; so don’t worry if you’ve had plenty of better things to do! We also only ask for 3 clear working days’ notice to arrange hand out or re-delivery.

No Boxes?

Prior to sending your belongings into storage, we do ask that they are all boxed up, especially TV's and speakers, and labelled with your name on them. To help you with this, all of our centres stock a wide range of packaging materials that can be delivered to you before storage.

No Van?

Not to worry, for a small charge all of our centres offer a collection from your student halls of residence or house. Just ask your local store for details.

Home Town Student Storage Top Tip

Why not club together with a friend and create one storage file in just one name....it will save both of you money. But remember you also need to mark up your things in just one name as well.

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